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BioDesigners seeks to become a company that translates dreams into technology

We build startups after identfying innovative ideas from anywhere in a world

Specialized for bio-health care sector

Bio/Healthcare Startups

​Startup program operation

Startup (consulting) and technology/business item analysis

Market analysis and customer needs analysis, business feasibility analysis

Operation of expert mentoring group

Technical Mentoring Group Operation

Management mentoring group operation

Business planning and development work in connection with the mentoring group

​ Fundraising

Financing and securing opportunities from the time of startup

Investor linkage suitable for the stage of corporate growth

Ongoing corporate promotion



Lee, Dongho

CEO Lee, Dongho has experienced all domestic clinical and new drug development projects.


He worked as founding CEO of the Korea Drug Development Fund (KDDF) and successfuly selected and invested numbers of domestic new drug development projects.

At the time of serving as the director of the Clinical Research Center at Asan Medical Center in Seoul, contributed to the role and growth.

He also experienced the connection between medical care and industry through R&D experiences in companies, such as serving as vice president of GlaxoSmithKline Korea and vice president of Samyang Corporation.

The goal of CEO Lee, Dongho is to become a strong supporter of those who dream of starting a pharmaceutical/bio startup based on his various experiences.

- Seoul National University College of Medicine (Bachelor, Master, 

  Doctorate), Korea University Graduate School of Business EMBA

- Professor, Hanyang University College of Medicine, Anesthesiology

- Visiting professor at Yale University Medical School

- Vice President/Medical Director, GlaxoSmithKline Korea

- Vice President of Samyang Corporation / Head of Pharmaceutical

  Business Division, Head of Research Center

- Professor of Clinical Pharmacology/Department of Anesthesia and Pain

  Medicine, Ulsan University College of Medicine


Oh, Sungsoo


CEO Oh, Sungsoo has more than 26 years of experience in the life science industry and venture capital.

He showed his true value by overseeing the operation of the "KB·Solidus Global Healthcare Fund" with a total contract amount of 150 billion KRW and the "Future Creation IBKC·Solidus BioSecondary Investment Association" worth 30 billion KRW, and discovered 34 startups such as Bioleaders, Alteogen, Novarex, Icure, and Genomic Tree.

CEO Oh, Sungsoo's goal is to be faithful to the role of a designer who lays the foundation for dreams reflected in technology to come true, and to provide opportunities for the technology developed by researchers to spread its wings in the company.

- Sungkyunkwan University Department of Life Sciences, MBA 

  (International Management)

- Solidus Global Bioagrifood Fund (17 billion won), representative fund


- IBKC-Solidus Future Creation Bio-Secondary Refund (30 billion KRW)

  representative fund manager

- Representative fund manager of KB-Solidus Global Healthcare Fund

  (150 billion KRW)

- 2014 Solidus Growth Ladder Startup Fund (20 billion KRW) Core



​Kim, Myunghwa

Vice President Myung-Hwa Kim has over 30 years of experience in new drug development and has experience in all stages from basic research, preclinical, clinical development, and IPO.


While working as the CSO and evaluation management team leader of the Korea Drug Development Fund (KDDF), she contributed to the discovery and task management of many domestic new drug development projects and achieved successful results.


She holds a Ph.D in Chemistry from the University of Mainz, Germany, and has served as senior researcher at the Chugai Pharma Gotemba Research Institute in Japan, director of the research center at Jeil Pharmaceutical, and CEO of Curacle Co., Ltd. She has experience in successfully conducting an IPO.

Based on these diverse experiences, she will serve as a support group for those who dream of starting a pharmaceutical or bio business.

- Master of Pharmacy and Doctor of Chemistry, University of Mainz, Germany
- Senior Researcher at Chugai Pharma, Fuji Gotemba Research Labs., Japan
- General Manager at the Central Research Institute of Citree Co., Ltd

- Director of Division of New Drug Development, R&D Center of Jeil

  Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Korea
- Director at R&D Center, Arimed Therapeutics. Korea

- CSO/Project Evaluation & Management Team Leader of Korea Drug

  Development Fund (KDDF)

- CSO/President at The Curacle Co., Ltd, Korea




Daniel  Zang 


Daniel is an attorney with a doctorate in Immunology. He is primarily experienced in commercial transactions including licensing and general corporate law, intellectual property, and FDA regulations. Prior to founding Kiyeon Law, Daniel worked at highly respected AM 100-ranked law firms, served as a CEO of a biotech company, and a scientist at the National Institutes of Health. He is admitted to the Washington D.C. bar and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


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Pai, Jinkeon


Kim, Soohyeon

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Jung, Jaehoon


Lee, Jungkyu

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