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We will make
Your dreams come true!

BioDesigners is a company that grows together by discovering innovative bio and healthcare technologies.


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To develop a new immuno-related drug,

we co-founded IMMUNO DESIGNERS in December 2020 with Professor Bruce A. Beutler of the UT Southwestern Medical Center, a world-renowned scholar.



Lee, Dongho

-Professor, Hanyang University College of Medicine,


-Yale University Medical School Hospital  visiting professor

-Vice President of GlaxoSmithKline Korea  Medical Director

-Vice President of Samyang Corporation Head of

 Pharmaceutical Business Division  Head of Research


-Professor of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Ulsan University College of Medicine

-Director, Clinical Research Center, Asan Medical Center, 


-Vice President of korea national enterprise for clinical trials(KoNECT) / Clinical Trial Center selection and guide

-Ceo of Korean Drug Development Fund(KDDF)

-Korea Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Association AI

 Director of New Drug Development Support Center


Oh, Sungsoo

 -Solidus Global Bioagrifood Fund (17 billion won)

  Representative fund manager (completed  liquidation, 

  IRR 17%)

 -IBKC-Solidus Future Creation Bio-Secondary Refund


  (30 billion won) Representative fund manager

 -KB-Solidus Global Healthcare Fund (150 billion won)

  Representative fund manager

 -2014 Solidus Growth Ladder Startup Fund

  (20 billion won) Core operating area

 -Pan-Ministry of Health and Welfare Development   

  Project Team  Investment Review Board

 -Korea Biotechnology Association  Advisory  Committee

 -Samsung Seoul Hospital, etc.  Evaluation Committee

 -Ministry of Welfare, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of

  Science and Technology, etc.  Government bio



Kim, Myung Hwa

- Doctor of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry,

    University of Mainz, Germany
- Senior Researcher at the Chugai Phama Gotemba Institute

   in Japan

- Senior Researcher at the Central Research Institute of Seatree     Co., Ltd

- Director of the Central Development Research Institute of

  Jeil Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
- Head of Research and Development/Laboratory of

  Arimed Research Institute
- CSO/assessment management team leader and acting head of

  project team of pan-ministerial new drug development project


- CSO/CEO of Research and Development of Curacle Co., Ltd


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